Friday, April 4, 2014

Let Them Eat Cake...

Strawberry Lemon Cake
vanilla cake infused with freshly squeezed lemon juice, lemon cream cheese icing and fresh sliced strawberries

This WONDERFUL cake is from
Shyndigz Dessert Cafe
in Richmond, VA

The coffee is so good
with such a delightful
sweet treat

The decor is simple
and cheerful

Today is the first day they have
here in their new location

I love the fresh flowers
that are placed throughout
the cafe

This space was once a speak easy/bar

I love how the bar stools
have been repurposed
hand painted
so colourfully

Can you see the cake cooler?
LOTS of delightful treats
to be found in there!

See all the stacked to go boxes?
This cafe has a steady stream of
dine-in and take away customers.
Yes, they are really that good!

The slices of cake are HUGE
I've gone past my usual stopping point now!

This over indulgence I blame
on the yummy coffee that
is paired with such treats

I love the sparkle light display

And the water carafe 

Oh and the simple line water glasses

 the wonderful size of the coffee cups!
What's best, the fact that
the coffee is so tasty
Love this!

A very nice reflection
the twinkle lights

The paper cake rounds
made into decoration
is just another of the simple elegance
this cafe has created!

An antique door turned into
a table top seats seven...

Wooden booths that
have been distressed painted
the exposed brick walls

and outside on the patio.
This cafe really has so much to offer
the residents of Richmond!

I know that I am very satisfied with my
dessert and dinning experience!

 The friendly service
and the overall ambiance of
the cafe really makes dinning in
as delightful a treat as the dessert menu items themselves!

I highly recommend any and all
who visit Richmond
to put Shyndigz
on their list of places
to visit!

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