Sunday, April 6, 2014

Supporting Local Artists Pt. 2

I absolutely LOVE the work
 that local artist
Suzanne l. Vinson is creating!
Her items are not only visually pleasing,
but offer heart touching sentiment
as well as deep thought
with a beautiful blend of spirituality.

You can find links to her shop as well as read
bits and bobbles from her lovely blog here:

 Another artisan I found was christina boy
Her beautiful hand crafted cutting boards (not pictured)
can be found here:

There were so many other wonderful artisans
this year at the Spring Bada Bing show
I wanted to buy a little bit from everyone.
None more so than the creator of

Terrariums by Rich

However, sadly,
I'll have to wait until the coffers are not depleted.

Make sure to click on links
if you're interested in seeing these artisans websites
and products.
Happy surfing...

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