Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Different Types of Punch Needle Punch

There are several types
of punch needle punches on the market.
These pictured here are small needles.
Floss, thread is bested used.
A few have adjustable needles which
allows for varying lengths
of 'loops' made.

These punches pictured here are used
primarily with yarn
having a much larger needle with
and stationary needle
non-adjustable length.

Price points vary too.

You can see that the body
of these tools vary as well.

Closer look at needle sizes.

From top of picture, down
The first three needles are retractable.
The forth is not, so I use a knitting needle stopper
to prevent point of needle damage
when away from project.
The last two are also

These smaller punch needles work best on weavers cloth
using embroidery floss/threads.
The pink heart pictured here I used 6 strands of DMC floss
with the Ultra Punch (blue one on far left)
on this 5" plastic hoop.

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