Saturday, June 30, 2018

Cars, cars & more cars

It's been a car themed week!

While driving my wee loved one
to an appointment,
we spotted a few
classic cars 
in car park
at local diner!

Of course we stopped 
and viewed them ALL...

After appointment
I had to buy him a new car!

Because marathon watching 


is a happy thing...

I found this toy car

at local shops!

Thrilled! :)

Had to buy myself a car too!

 My wee loved one asked me
to draw him 
car # 95 from Disney movie...

Started with a rough draft...

I had intended to use this
 as a practice draft
little lad wanted the original!

Wee lad was happy with my completed drawing!
I was so overjoyed 
that he wanted it taped to his door! 

A very happy motorist!

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