Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scrap Yarn

What with the change in season my dogs will need a few sweaters now.
I whipped these scrap yarn/crocheted sweaters up in no time.
Didn't use a pattern just sorta 'winged it'.
Because both dogs are so different in size I measured them and began creating
from there. 
As for Natasha's sweater shirt, I used a knitting method first, for her collar.
On double point knitting needles I created a tube. 
Then I crocheted the 'skirt' portion. This was a very fast project. 
Both sweater were made in a day.

Natasha in her pink sweat shirt.

Natalia in her crocheted sweater.

Natasha (in pink) doesn't like long sweaters. She always pulls at the end so I made her's like a shirt instead.

1 comment:

GulfCoastMomma said...

I love them both thought the pink is my favourite! You are very talented!!

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