Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wish List

I've been busy these past two weeks.
Hand sewing, machine sewing and homework!

Started making various pin cushions for small gifts.

I joined local quilt guilds too.
One must have their name tag when attending guild meetings.

I finally hung up my art studio banner in the loft
(front view)

(back view)

I added a few more of my Mum's student
paintings on the wall. It's a nice comfort to see
something of her's since she passed.

This plaque/wooden picture was just too ugly for me to use.

So I sanded it...

Added a little Mod Podge...

Used this craft brush to evenly spread it around board...

And then applied this scrapbook paper to the board.
Then I used the brayer to smoosh out the bubbles.
I flipped it over on a flour sack towel, added my 5lb weights
and let it sit over night. Nice and smooth the next morning.
Ready for my next layer...

As of today, 6 October 2012, I have one month
until my 50th birthday!
NOW I need to start doing more.
This is just the first draft of my
Make new bucket list
Make more art
Write more letters
Write more thank you cards
Organize my children's keepsake chests
Sew more
Travel more
Write the book(s) I dreamed of
Teach more
Volunteer more
Love more
Dream more...

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