Sunday, August 26, 2012

Boo Boo Bags for Hot or Cold Use

Remember this project from last month? Well I kept two of the larger ones
to use them for my Boo Boo bags.
Using the ingredients from the other day's project.
I set a few bags of rice aside to fuse with the applied scents.
Only after a few days they were ready to use.
I grabbed another small piece of scrap t-shirt material, pinned it to
the already embroidered piece and cut a narrow rectangle.
I folded the fabric together, careful to line up the three edges closely.
I pinned the layers together (I like doubling my Boo Boo bags, so they last longer).
Then using a simple straight stitch on my sewing machine, I seamed the three sides, leaving a small opening at the end. Then I turned the piece.
Whether I'm using t-shirt material or a cotton, I always
like to iron it before I cut it and after I've sewn and turned it.
Using a regular piece of white copy paper, I made a funnel. 
I like using a scoop to pour the rice into the bags.
Now you can use a kitchen funnel if you wish, I just like using my paper ones
for most of my scented craft projects.
Then I filled up my bag with the scented rice.
I used about three quarters of the prepared mixture.
This was about a cup and a half of rice, maybe a dash bit more.
Once my bag was filled to the desired amount, I hand stitched the opening, using quilting thread. I like using this stronger thread because it seems to last longer and wear stronger.
It can be found at most fabric stores.

Overall, I'm very pleased with how my Boo Boo bags have turned out.
I keep some in the freezer in a freezer zip lock bag, this way
the scents from freezer don't combine with the scents of my bags. Keeping all scents in their own places ;)

To warm up these bags, simply place in a clean microwave, full power for about one minute, to one minute thirty seconds. NEVER go over two minutes. This will not make the rice hotter, or keep in warm longer! It simply will break down the materials faster.
After Boo Boo bag cools down, you can re-heat it, again, using one minute minimally, or two minutes maximum times on microwave, full strength setting.

Happy Crafting

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