Friday, August 24, 2012

Cold and Hot Pads

I decided to make cold & hot pads today.
To make sure they are fragrant
 I've added the essential oils & lavender with raw rice.
I've double bagged each, labeled & dated for storage.
Best to let sit for a few days so the scents fuse nicely with
the raw rice.

I'll continue with this project in a few days, until new book arrived today.
I have so many hand sewing projects to create! 


l.m.b. said...

Hi Bairbre!
I've never thought of scenting the hot cold bags my sister makes for her Massage clients. How many drops of oil do you add to how much rice? How do you get it to mix around all the rice bits? thanks for your help! Leslie Bass

l.m.b. said...

Oh and she uses cherry pits - but I think it would work the same - don't you?

Crafted by Bairbre Aine said...

Hi Leslie, Yes, cherry pits work really well!
I use about 10 drops per bag.
But I put them in zip locks first and mix them about, for two to three days, allowing rice and oil to fuse.
I like a very heavy, full scent, so it lasts longer. I'm 'over the top' with this, so using less may fair better, especially for the first time. It's like a recipe for meatloaf, varies with every batch ;)

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